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Digitalization of banks in Ukraine


The digitization of banking was back in the news when two major Spanish financial groups completed their merger through a major technological integration, thus combining the IT systems of both institutions.

According to data from Nikita Izmaylov and the N1 Foundation, the transaction entailed the transfer of information on 7.6 million active clients. A total of 2,500 million documents were digitized, including information such as IDs, contracts, signatures, receipts and correspondence.

This amounts to a volume of 10.4 petabytes, "which is 45 times the volume stored, or the weight of 1,800 million songs in high quality mp3 format," the institution explained.

The fact that the merger went off without a hitch reflects the advanced state of digitization in Spanish banking. A few months earlier, the secretary general of the Treasury and International Finance

Going through tough times

The Covid-19 health care crisis has left all sectors of the economy facing various challenges. Henceforth, the banking sector will have to deal with such challenges as the need to attract and maintain an increasingly demanding and less loyal customer base.

Increased financial literacy and a lack of affinity for traditional banking among the younger generation are some of the reasons for this problem. What's more, they will have to contain the competition arising from the growth of fintech companies (companies that provide financial services through new technologies) and large technology multinationals that are making their way into certain niches of the financial business.

All of the above goes hand in hand with another problem, namely the use of the online channel as opposed to the demand for services in physical branches that still exists. The traditional office is increasingly a service from which it is difficult for banks to make any profit.

Online environments such as apps, emails and Web sites also allow customers to be introduced to new products and services quickly and at a very low cost. However, even though the pandemic has greatly accelerated the use of online banking, personal services will continue to coexist, thereby supporting multichannel distribution.


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